Becoming a leading shipbuilder in the world is our goal.


A symbol of Hyundai, which has reached a new hey-day

The triangle represents a pyramid, arguably one of the greatest architectural achievements of mankind,
while the yellow and green colors symbolize Hyundai reaching a new hey-day, like the way sprouts grow into lush vegetation.

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  • Signature (Korean Logo)

    Signature (Korean Logo)
  • Signature (English Logo)

    Signature (English Logo)

Color System

The main color 'HHI Blue' represents the trust that the company accumulated through the expertise and long experience as a leading technical company.
Hyundai Heavy Industries Group secures the consistency of the group's design by observing the color system.

    1. PANTONE0005A5
    2. CMYKC93 M71 Y9 K0
    3. RGBR0 G83 B165
    1. PANTONEFAA518
    2. CMYKC3 M45 Y89 K0
    3. RGBR250 G165 B24
    1. PANTONE00AB4D
    2. CMYKC77 M9 Y90 K0
    3. RGBR0 G171 B77