Becoming a leading shipbuilder in the world is our goal.


Hyundai Vietnam Shipbuilding is aware that the most calueble asset of company is
'our employees' for continuous development and prosperity.
Therefore, the company pays attention to improve the employees's welfare.

Welfare policies

HVS employees will be received fully welfare policies of the company such as living at Vietnam Dormitory with the full equipment and entertainment media. besides, HVS also supplies free meal and milk for the employees in every working day.

Room Features(600 rooms)
Room Features1
  1. Television
  2. Refrigerator 50L
  3. Wardrobe
  4. Bed
  5. Fan
Facilities & Services
Facilities & Services1
  1. Restaurant
  2. Volleyball yard
  3. Wifi free
  4. Gym room
  5. Football ground
  6. Other sporting facilities

The company pays attention to improve spiritual Life of employees by organizing parties for Vietnamese employees in order to create a good human relationship.
HVS regularly organizes the annual grand & sports festival so that the employees enjoy team spirit and feel "we are the one".

Organizing parties
Organizing parties1
The annual grand & sports festival
The annual grand & sports festival1