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A joint-training program between University of Ulsan (UOU) and HVS

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In order to supply manpower with professional skill for the country as well as create a good opportunity for Vietnamese students who are pursuing & want to study more on their major, Hyundai Vinashin shipyard Co., Ltd – a joint venture between Hyundai Group (Korea) and Vinashin – carries out joint-training program with University of Ulsan (Korea) – one of the most prestigious universities in Asia. According to this plan, HVS will be in charged of selecting overseas students to be trained in UOU as below:

1. Object: 30 last-year students of technical department such as Manufacturing Technology, Electronics Telecommunication, Vehicle Engineering, High-tech material, Biochemical, Construction environment and IT.

2. Studying time: 02 years

3. Condition:
* Studying result of last 2 years with fair level or over
* Have TOEFL certificate or equivalent (HVS will hold TOEIC test for person who has not yet got English certificate)
* Pass 2 times of interview (the 1st time: directly interview, the 2nd time: telephone interview by representative of UOU)

4. Interests: UOU will sponsor school fee during 02 academic years (about 12,000 USD) & a guide teacher will support subsistence expenses with 400USD per month.
The students pay themselves other fees including fee of passport, visa, airplane, dormitory, health insurance…

5. CV includes:
* Application for interview (Written in English, mention full name, DOB, height, weight, eyes sight, university, major… )
* Mark table with confirmation of the University.
* Related certificates
* 2 photos 4x6

Please send CV to address : Hyundai Vinashin shipyard co., ltd, 01 My Giang, Ninh Phuoc, Ninh Hoa, Khanh Hoa (Education section – G/A dep’t) or R.905, 44B Lý Thường Kiệt, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội or R.10, the 7th floor, 115 Nguyễn Huệ, District 1, HCMC.

Deadline of submitting CV: 10 / 06 / 2007.