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Ministerial Delegation & HVS Leaders took commemorative photo
Within the framework of visiting Khanh Hoa Province, in the afternoon of April 24th, a Ministerial Delegation from Minister of Planning and Investment Ministry (MPI) led by Minister Bui Quang Vinh, Chairman of Khanh Hoa Province – Nguyen Chien Thang and some Directors of Provincial Departments visited Hyundai Vinashin Shipyard (HVS).
Mr. Kang Cheol Soo – President & HVS BOD expressed their pleasure to welcome and report the Delegation some general information of HVS business result.
After listening to the report, Mr. Vinh congratulated for HVS’ success, that in such a difficult situation, most of enterprises are in crisis, HVS is still able to maintain its production activities. He said, his most concern when coming to HVS was to observe its operation, he felt happy to hear that HVS had signed many contracts for the next years.
He highly appreciated HVS’ strategy: consider technical and skill training as a key to overcome crisis, he said: it is a most effective, long-term and economical way, especially, this way is really suitable with the re-structure trend at Vietnam presently.
Mr. Vinh also added, according to Vietnamese Government and MPI’s consideration, FDI is an indispensable feature for the development of Vietnam economy. Therefore, Government and MPI are planning to adjust Law, policy to attract more foreign investment. He stated, the relationship between Korea and Vietnam is extremely good, especially in investment field. Presently, FDI source from Korea ranks the 3rd and will be 2nd in the next time.
He promised that MPI will create the best conditions for Korean enterprises in general and HVS in particular.
Finally, on behalf of HVS Leaders, Mr. Kang Cheol Soo sent their deep gratitude to the incessantly support from MPI and Khanh Hoa Authorities. Mr. Kang also affirmed his determine to hand in hand with all employees led HVS over the crisis, forward the way to succeed and contribute more to the development of Vietnam.