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On October 30, 2015 at the Hull Processing Shop, Hyundai-Vinashin Shipyard (HVS) held Steel Cutting Ceremony for Hull No. S099, 61,000 DWT Bulk Carrier the fourth of series three (04) vessels built for Ray Car Carriers Ltd., Israel.

The representatives of Owner, KR, and Shipyard attended the ceremony.

As current production schedule, keel laying of Hull No. S099 will be in April, 2016, launching in July, and delivery in September of 2016.
The main particulars of the vessels are as follows:
• Length overall : 199.9 m
• Breath : 32.26 m
• Depth : 18.8 m
• Speed : 14.3 knots.
At the same day, Steel cutting ceremony of Hull No. S424, and S097 also will be held under attendance of Owner, Class and Yard.
Some key event on November
No. Event Date
1 Steel cutting ceremony S427 02/11/2015
2 Steel cutting ceremony S425 06/11/2015
3 Delivery S413 16/11/2015
4 Steel cutting ceremony S429 30/11/2015
5 Steel cutting ceremony S430 30/11/2015
6 Steel cutting ceremony S431 30/11/2015
7 Steel cutting ceremony S432 30/11/2015
8 Steel cutting ceremony S433 30/11/2015
9 Steel cutting ceremony S434 30/11/2015