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Established in 1996, officially put into operation in 1999, in 23-year development journey, HVS increasingly affirms its prestige not only in the regional market but also in the world in terms of reliability, calculation professional in shipbuilding field. At the present time, the total number of employees in the company is nearly 5.000, of which 3.000 are HVS and nearly 2.000 are subcontractors
Transformation strategy from ship repair to ship building
Due to the strong development of the shipping market, the demand for shipbuilding has increased, besides the organization of repair and conversion has faced some difficulties related to the environment, so HVS has transformed into operation of new building since 2008. Based on the prestige and quality of products that HVS has implemented for ship owners around the world in the period of ship repair and conversion as well as highly skilled and experience, HVS has achieved remarkable achievements in the field of shipbuilding.
To prepare for challenging, HVS has salvaged full using of its advantages in finding customers through its global marketing network of Hyundai Mipo Dockyard (HMD). The company has also effectively implemented new training and technology transfer activities through sending hundreds of managers, engineers and highly skilled workers to train at HMD from 3 to 6 month. Along with that, HVS also invested in synchronously new equipment, machinery and workshops for building a strict production process for each job.
The level of investment to fully transfer through new construction from 2008 to 2011 is 90 million USD. Starting from the stage of steel cutting, the company has invested to increase the capacity of steel cutting machine to over 10,000 tons / month, equip more 1,500 ton stamping machine, plasma steel cutting machine to cut steel with large thickness ...
For surface cleaning and painting, the company must completely change technology. All surface cleaning is done indoors and closed, ensuring no dust spread out. Cleaning materials are also changed from Nix to steel balls to ensure technical requirements. Large factories are also built to contain blocks in the process of surface cleaning and painting. HVS has invested in building 3 surface cleaning workshops with dimensions of 35x40x12m, 5 closed painting workshops with dimensions of 37x40x12m and 15 covered paint workshops with the width from 20m to 40m.
After 11 years, HVS has built and handed over 100 ships to ship owners all over the world with a total revenue of over 3.3 billion USD, an average annual revenue increase of 30%. Particularly in 2018, HVS cutting steel 14 vessels, deliveried 11 ships ... achieved turnover of 415 million dollars, an increase of 2.5% compared to the plan. HVS has also initially implemented the successful target of V1555, which has improved shipbuilding capacity by reducing construction time (from the time of signing the contract to the time of delivery) from 20 months to 15 months and the ship time in docks from 65 days to 55 days. This is one of the important steps to help HVS reach the goal of building 17 new ships in 2021.
In 2019, despite facing many challenges and difficulties due to the crisis of the shipping industry and the high price of shipbuilding materials, the company still tried its best to fulfill the set objectives and tasks, such as improving competitiveness, product quality and saving production costs by a series of solutions. In 2019, HVS aims to cut 15 vessels, hand over 18 vessels with a turnover of 461 million USD (up 11% compared to the previous year). To achieve this challenging goal, the company has made efforts to implement a series of solutions such as shortening construction time through improving coordination skills, promoting productivity goals (2018 : 8%, 2019: 11%), strict progress and quality management, customer satisfaction, increase inspection rate (block, paint) to meet registration standards, thoroughly save electricity costs water, reduce construction hours, save the amount of paint used, reduce the amount of damaged materials ... In addition, the company will also need to add about 600 manpower to compensate for the number of mechanic reduction and prepare increasing new capacity for the next years.
In order to achieve these successes, it is impossible not to mention the contribution of HVS employees, who have made constant efforts in production labor with a high sense of responsibility at work, effective cooperation between Korean experts and Vietnamese employees.
Entering 2019, with the important event handing over the 100th ship, the Leaders and employees of the company will make efforts and determination to achieve business targets in 2019, continue to build and distribute HVS to become a leading shipbuilding brand in the regional and the world.